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We aim to engage, empower, and expand individuals and organizations to achieve personal and professional growth. We firmly believe in the transformative power of influence and the value it adds to leaders within a supportive environment. Our primary goal is to assist our clients in breaking free from stagnation, overcoming growth challenges, and implementing sustainable action steps for personal and professional development. Through our exceptional developmental coaching and leadership development training, we are dedicated to providing the necessary support you require.


How I Can Support You

Developmental Coaching

Do you know why you are unsatisfied with some areas in your life?

Leadership Training

It is important that we continue to bridge the gap between the skills and abilities needed to be an effective leader.

Speaking Services

We provide insightful, fun, and interactive presentations using creative tools and exercises.

Dr. Sheri-ann McLean

The 8 year Old Teacher

I was merely an eight-year-old girl residing in the beautiful parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. Adjacent to our humble abode stood zinc fences alongside a heap of discarded coal from my mother’s coal pot. It was within this setting that I would extend invitations to my friends and peers, welcoming them into my home to impart knowledge on various subjects such as mathematics and English. In retrospect, my sole intention was to assist them in achieving academic excellence and enhancing their grades. As a result of my frequent tutoring sessions, the members of my community bestowed upon me the title of “teacher.”

My unwavering belief lies in creating supportive environments where people feel comfortable to grow personally and professionally. I see value in everyone, and I am driven to unlock their full potential by adding value to their lives and experiences.

I serve you with professionalism, trustworthiness, and comprehensive support and guidance.


I offer my expertise, knowledge, and skills in all my services. I consistently uphold strong ethical standards when working with my clients, ensuring professionalism in all our interactions.


I am dedicated to upholding the values of dependability, reliability, and honesty in all my client interactions. By consistently embodying these qualities, I can forge authentic relationships, uphold integrity, and cultivate profound respect with my esteemed clientele.

Comprehensive Support and Guidance

I offer my clients a comprehensive range of resources and unwavering support to empower them to achieve their goals. Through this collaborative partnership, I am dedicated to helping my clients unlock their true potential and become the individuals they were destined to be.



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